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“Social Media Policy”



The following document was prepared by Houston Warriors Baseball Academy for the use of their employees, coaches and families. Subjects included: Importance of Social Media, Unauthorized Creating of Branded Media Accounts, Submitting Content to Social Media, Facebook Groups vs. Facebook Pages, Representing New Balance on Social Media, Official Social Media Accounts and Violation of Terms.



Importance and Use of Social Media

The Houston Warriors Baseball Academy uses Social Media as a tool not only to communicate to the masses, but also to promote our brand image. Our social media, much like our athletes, coaches and families, serves as a billboard for our organization and everything we stand for.


There is a heavy importance on having a centralized message across all our social media accounts. This can only be executed by limiting the number of people allowed to post on the Warriors behalf.


Imagine you have a business named “Moving Company” and you are publishing a holiday discount on Facebook. However, an employee of your business has created a separate Facebook page named “Moving Company A.” There are people who like the page “Moving Company A” that do not like your official page, “Moving Company.” Those people will never receive the message of a the holiday discount.


The example above is meant to illustrate how by generating multiple social media pages, with our name and logo, can create confusion to our shared target audience. This is an example of self-competition.



Unauthorized Creating of Branded Media Accounts

No coach, instructor or employee may create an “official” company blog, social media page, website, or any other social or online media presence that takes the likeness of the Houston Warriors Baseball Academy, by using official name(s) and logo(s), without prior written authorization from either the Owner or the Director of Social Media.

This means - all media accounts prior to 2019 that use the, or any part of, Houston Warriors Baseball Academy name or logo(s), must be taken down. 



Submitting Content to Social Media

All things that need to be posted on social media must go through Brandon Smith, Director of Social Media. Send images, text or links to Brandon Smith at



Facebook Groups vs. Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages are not to be created, however, Facebook Groups are allowed at this time. The general manager or coach of a team may create a Facebook Group that must be set to Private. These Facebook Groups are to be used as a form of communication for all members of that team. You can post pictures updates or whatever you may wish as long as it properly represents our brand. 


However, you must invite one of the following to that Facebook Group: Brandon Smith (personal account) or Warriors Baseball Academy (official account). This will help us see the content of those groups while allowing you, the poster, to tag the Warriors Baseball Academy in those post. This will then allow us to post or share appropriate content to the official Facebook Page.

Representing New Balance on Social Media

Photos of on-field play, dugout, pregame or post game, must be mindful of the New Balance and Warriors Relationship. A minimum of one player or coach should be sporting New Balance related apparel in photos of groups or teams.

If a player, coach or team is taking photo for any occasion (ie. Player of the Game, Championship Photo, etc.), they must be wearing New Balance cleats and free of any directly competitive brands. If you do not have shoes or a jersey, simply take the effort to borrow one from a teammate.

If you post a Tweet or Post about your team, be sure to tag @NBBaseball or use #NewBalance.

Violation of Terms

Violation of these policy guidelines may be grounds for immediate termination. Please address any concerns or questions concerning these policy guidelines or any violation of them to the Owner, Director of Programs or the Director of Social Media and can be found at

If you choose to keep these media accounts active without changing the names and logos, we will ask you to leave the program! We only want individuals involved in our program that want to see us succeed and grow as an organization.

Official Social Media Accounts

Facebook - Houston Warriors Baseball Academy

Twitter - @warriorsbb

Instagram - @warriorsbaseballacademy

LinkedIn - Warriors Baseball Academy

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