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Warriors Baseball Academy

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Warriors Baseball Academy

1763 Upland Dr., 
Houston, TX 77043

Meet & read the bios of our Coaches, Instructors and Directors.

What is a Warrior?

Our Warriors are defined by his or her level of service to others.  We feel there are two types of people in this world, givers and takers.  To be successful in this game, (as well as in life) sacrifice is the only way to success.  Sacrifice for others, and sacrifice to ourselves brings victory!

We want everyone watching our ballplayers to say "Man, that kid's a Warrior...".  No other name has this level of nobility and determined description.

Warrior's Vision:

At Warriors Baseball Academy, we believe a Warrior is one on and off the field.  Courage, Honor, Integrity, skill and hard work are the foundation for a life of high moral character and for the successful preparation to battle the challenges of life.   We seek to instill these values in our players.  

Warrior's Philosophy:

At the core of every true warrior you will find the traits of courage, honor, integrity, skill and hard work.​


Welcome to the Warriors Baseball Academy website.  The Warriors are a premier baseball academy in Houston, TX.   We hope that through this site you will get a sense of what our baseball "family" is really all about - YOUR KIDS!  In our short existence, we have grown to become the second largest baseball organization in Houston.  

This phenomenal growth is due in fact to three things - God's Blessing,

Top-Notch Instructors and The Best Families!

The greater Houston area has become a hotbed of talent for college and pro scouts.  Though tournament baseball has become the necessary norm, Warriors Baseball Academy was established to protect our youth from the common problems associated with "select or club" baseball.

We feel that it is our PRIVILEGE to get to work with your child, and that is a responsibility that our instructors do not take lightly.  It takes a dedicated and talented coach to provide the right blend for having fun, player development, and WINNING!

Finally, WE PRAY that you will embrace that the true goal of Warriors Baseball Academy, is not just to "win a ballgame".  Our vision is to use the game of baseball as a vehicle to learn valuable LIFE LESSONS through hard work, goal setting, and sportsmanship.

-Andy Baize

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