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Velocity & Arm Care Program

Program Overview

The Velocity & Arm Care Program will be a key building block for your son to achieve the goals for 2020. This summer the participants in our velocity classes had a class average gain of 5.74 MPH and threw more 90 MPH throws than our facility has ever seen!

Over the course of the program the athlete will gain an understanding of how the body works throughout the throwing motion and develop proper throwing mechanics in order promote arm strength and health.  

The strength and conditioning portion of the program is designed to improve each athletes functional strength while also enhancing mobility and flexibility .  This includes a foam rolling protocol that has kept our players muscles loose and has aided the recovery process. With our newly renovated weight room he will be able to properly train our athletes to help them reach velocities that they have never seen before!


What's Included in the Program?

1.  Pre program physical assessment.

2.  Individual player development plans.

3.  Post throwing strength and conditioning workouts.

4.  Tubing and foam roller exercises to help with maintenance and recovery.

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