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TEAMS - Warriors Baseball Academy


Warriors have participated in every local venue in the Greater Houston area as well as most locations around Texas.  Additionally, our athletes have traveled to Louisiana, Nebraska, Florida, Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, New York, etc. (you get the idea)!!!  With our youth teams of 6U - 14U, high school summer teams of 16U - 18U, and college summer team - we seek to ensure that we have competitive teams in EVERY age group.  World Series events, showcases, state tournaments, etc. are commonplace for our kids.  Teams are formed based on many factors, often which have nothing to do with "perceived" natural talent.  We've found that ball players develop at different paces, both mentally and physically; and we'll "love 'em where they're at".  We never lose sight of what a player can become in the right environment with the right coaching/instruction.  Coaching 3,000+ ballplayers will give perspective that no other program can offer.


Houston Warriors Baseball offers teams for all ages prior to entering High School.  The goal of our program is to ensure that players don't fall too far behind in the EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE atmosphere of tournament baseball.  The "next level" is to achieve their goal of earning a spot on their high school team.  We create a balanced environment that doesn't "burn out" the player before entering high school.  The 8U - 14U programs are year-round programs and encompass Fall, Spring & Summer seasons.  HOWEVER, WE ENCOURAGE OUR KIDS TO REMAIN MULTI-SPORT ATHLETES AS LONG AS THEY LIKE.  It's wrong to confuse our athletes with having to make choices that will limit their growth on and off the field.  We do participate in a measured pace of local and out of town weekend tournaments.  During the Summer, we typically qualify for one of the World Series events; these are great team-bonding experiences, and a great family trip.  Our Warrior 12U teams will compete annually at Cooperstown Dreams Park.


The Houston Warriors 16U program is the initial intro for the High School summer program.  Typically these players are current freshman and sophomores.  They will participate in various college or showcase venues, though the primary objective for this program is to continue developing IMPACT VARSITY BALLPLAYERS.  We are striving to embrace the local high school coaches, and tremendously value their input.  Many of our ballplayers participate in their high school's summer team - this will always take priority (which makes our program different than ALL others).  Our program will typically have 5-6 Warrior teams competing at the 16U level each summer.  Please visit our News / Events tab for tryout times and locations. 


The Houston Warriors 18U summer showcase program is our hallmark tradition for experienced players who desire to compete at the next level OR be key contributors to their varsity squads.  Though our success placing our Warriors into the college level has been tremendous, we strive to ensure that our guys leave "everything on the field" as they walk away from their high school "brothers".  Our commitment to our Warriors in our 18U program is not impacted by his choice of athletic or academic pursuits.  Our coaching staff is comprised of from college/pro athletes and scouts; giving all athletes an extensive network to plug into.  Every year, we are invited to almost every showcase event both locally and nationally, including Perfect Game, Centex Collegiate Showcase, Premier Baseball tournaments, Pastime Tournaments, Texas Showcase League, USA Baseball, Diamond King events, etc.  At last count, our program had ballplayers representing over 61 different high schools in Houston.


Our Houston Warrior college summer team is a source of great pride and joy.  Many of our Warriors who have moved on to the collegiate level come back and participate in the Coastal Wood Bat summer league.  They continue to train and develop, and often "give back" to our younger kids by returning to Warriors Academy; giving insight and friendly pointers.  Hope to see their continued success, as they are the defending back-to-back champions of the Coastal Wood Bat league.

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