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Get Back Into Shape - New Training Program Offered

The Warriors Baseball Academy is now offering a new #fitness program! This program is not for our athletes, rather it is tailored for parents and anybody that is looking to get back into shape.

This program will be led by our Director of Athletic Training & Nutrition, a NASM certified trainer, Travis Portillo. TP has over 10 years experience in proper athletic fitness, stretching and proper weight training. Travis is the guy we trust with our athletes and we strongly recommend him to you!

During the program, you will not only get yourself back into shape, but more importantly, you will learn how to take care of your body with proper stretching techniques. Travis is one of the best when it comes to identifying tight muscles that cause on-going pain. You will also learn proper warm up techniques and complete cardio and weight training exercises.

"The first day I met Travis, he eliminated my knee pain of 5+ years by showing me the proper muscles I needed to stretch out." -Cody Box (former collegiate athlete)

Program Details

Start Date: February 10th (Sunday)

Duration: 3-Months

Pricing: Everybody starts with a FREE Two-Week Evaluation of the program. After that, if you are satisfied, it will be $125 per month! Great thing is, you pay by the month - so there are no long-term commitments that you are used to at the big gyms.

Covering: Proper Warm Up, Weight Training, Cardio Exercises & Stretching Techniques

How To Get Started

Best way is to reach out to Travis Portillo by either text message or a phone call at (713) 504-4142. You can also visit TP Training page on our website and fill out a contact form - Travis will reach out to you via phone call.

Call/Text: (713) 504-4142

Online: Visit TP Training


About Travis Portillo

Travis Portillo, Director of Athletic Training & Nutrition

Travis Portillo has been a trainer for the last 10 years at LA Fitness, Edge Performance, Genesis Athletics and now with the Warriors Baseball Academy.

He has certifications as an Athletic Trainer, Olympic Weight Lifting, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and hold certificates with the National Academy of Sports Medicine in Performance Enhancement Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Travis has worked with people and athletes of all ages, shapes and sizes. Including, gold-medalist, professional and collegiate athletes, and some are moms and dads!

#TPTraining #StrengthAndTraining

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